Shopping Tours

Luzern is famous for its architecture and fascinating views that attract thousands of tourists every year. The city is also the center of some remarkable shops for the tourists who visit the city. The wide range of remarkable shops and boutiques will amaze you as you walk through the streets of the Luzerne. You will find the amazing collection of wearable at different shops of the Switzerland. The wearable of Luzern is considered as a gift for the people who buy them. You will also amaze with the stunning and stylish clothes available in the different markets of the city. You can do the following things in your shopping tour to Luzern to make it memorable and productive.

Visit Gübelin

If you are interested to buy a master piece in the wearable, the Gübelin should be your destination. Gübelin is the manufacturer of top quality watch brands in the world. It is family own private business passing through the fifth generation in the Switzerland. If you visit the store of the Gübelin, you will find that the watch making is an art.


Visiting Buchurer will be an exciting experience even for the window shopping. Bucherer is best known for its top quality luxury products in Switzerland and the other countries of the world. If you are lover of pearl jewelry and expensive gemstone watches to buy, the Bucherer will be the best place to visit in the world. Their 90 years of experience in the watch making is enough to trust and buy with the confidence. Along with the top quality luxurious watches, the Bucherer is the house of many other exciting things like cuckoo clocks, crystals, Swiss Army Knives and much more.


If you love to buy some local folklore items in Luzern, Casagrande is the place you can visit. Most of the tourists visit this store to buy some exciting gifts for the people they love most. You can also call Casagrande as a fantastic gift store to buy wall decorations, alpine hats, whittled knives, cuckoo clocks and much more. Visiting Casagrande will add colors in your shopping tour to Luzern. Be confident that the Casagrande is not as much costly as Bucherer and Gubelin stores are to buy gifts for your family and friends.  


Merkur is one of the top rated confectionery shops in Luzerne. The freshness and the quality of the products available in the shop will obviously attract you to buy some special gifts. If you are not ready to spend huge amount of money to buy some gifts from the stores discussed above, the Merkur will be the best option to choose to buy fantastic gifts at reasonable price.

Joe's Souvenirs

Joe's Souvenirs is one of the oldest gift stores in Luzerne located at the bank of Luzern Lake. The store was first opened in 1863 and still open in the city after passing five generations. You can buy shot glasses, knives, glass ornaments, jewelry boxes and some amazing Swiss Paintings.