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Luzern is the gateway to the Switzerland and one of the most visited cities of the country. The Panorama Mountain and many other tourist attractions make this city an attractive spot for tourism. Luzern hosts thousands of tourists every year. Located at the bank of the Lake Luzern, the city is also known as one of the most romantic tourist attractions of the world. That’s the reason; most of the new couples decide their first sightseeing tour to the Luzern. Following are some of the most visited and searched tourist attractions that you can visit in your sightseeing tour in Luzern.

Chapel Bridge

This wooden wonder bridge is named after St. Peter Chapel. The bridge is one of the oldest and most attractive tourist attractions in the country. The bridge was built in 1333. The bridge depicts the historical living of Luzern city. We advise you to be there if you are in Switzerland.

Water Tower

Water tower is the second best tourist destination you can visit in the Luzern sightseeing tour. The water tower was built in 1300. It was a torture cell for the prisoners of the city that served as treasury and archive in the later years. The tower is 112 feet high monument that mostly photographed by the tourists in the Switzerland.

The Lion Monument

The Lion Monument commemorates the heroic death of the Swiss Guards in the protection of their King Louis XVI in 1792. The dying lion figure was carved by the Thorwaldsen in 1820 to remember the death of their brave soldiers in French Revolution. The Lion Monument of Luzern is included in top 100 monuments of the world. The monument creates a strange impact on the visitors and takes them to the past as they are watching the whole incident with their eyes.

KKL Luzern

The culture and convention centre (KKL Luzern) is one of the best concert halls in the world. The concert hall with the capacity of 1800 people at a time looks amazing when visited. It is the sensational architectural wonder of Switzerland. It hosts number of concerts of the city and attracts thousands of tourists every month. The people with the cultural and conventional love never miss this place.

Jesuit Church

Located at the left bank of River Reuss, the Jesuit Church is the oldest church in Luzern made for Jesuits from 1666 to 1677. It is Baroque style church with the Rococo Style interior. You can attend the church concerts by confirming the date, if you are on the sightseeing tour of Luzern.

Museggmauer (Town Walls)

Museggmauer is one of the wonder walls around the town in the world. The town wall was built between 1350 and 1408 to protect the town from external attacks. It has nine towers built on different locations to monitor the things outside. If you jump up a tower on the wall, you will be able to see the major landmarks of the city easily. Don’t miss this winder if you are there on your sightseeing tour in the Luzern city then try any of the following:

  • Chapel Bridge
  • Water Tower
  • Lion Monument
  • KKL Luzern
  • Jesuit Church
  • Franciscan Church
  • Water Spike
  • Spreuer Bridge
  • Musegg Wall
  • Old City Squares
  • Town Hall
  • Hof Church
  • Ritterscher Palace
  • Railway Station